Wednesday, December 15, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 15th Day- Brad Holland

Brad Holland- I love this guy, and there's not too many folks who don't. Self-taught, very nice dark-to-light style, and always thinking. Intellectual and contemplative and quick-witted makes any interview a joy to read. SOMETIMES, rarely, his concept doesn't do the best it can in illustrating an idea, but most times, they're gems. Did I say I love him? . . .

If Holland were doing this exact piece, his texture wouldn't be quite so sharp, and he probably would've used a color palette based more in reality. I'm pretty sure he uses oils because the acrylic dry brushing begins to build up dimensionally and hinders the the paint's application to the surface- that or maybe he dilutes his paint slightly, and probably doesn't use as coarse a brush as I did. He incorporates more realistic lighting too.

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