Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 1st Day- Me/ Barry Moser

FOR THE MERRY MONTH OF DECEMBER, I decided to take a stab at showing you guys a Santa I've created every day, each in a different artist's style, technique, etc. Mind you, it was not even a full day after posting my holiday cheer-filled idea for everyone to see, when 1). I decided to join the local ROLLER DERBY league, thus committing myself to AT LEAST 2 practices a week, (which would alone place a sweat bead on this brow), and 2). a couple freelance gigs decided to surface for added entertainment. Oh, top that with the day jarb. That being said, I will not puss out......... probably not.

We're starting this blog off the self-centered promotional way...

Santa, MY way. Odd, eccentric, makes you wonder how your alcoholic Uncle Wilhelm from Maine is doing on that crabbing boat he purchased this year with his tax return.

Done in scratchboard, which is essentially a board, be it masonite, cardboard, paper, illustration board, etc, with a thin layer of white clay, and topped off with a layer of black ink. Scratch away the black to show the white- sort of like working a negative, but don't be fooled and make a black line into a white line; instead, scratch the white around the black- (get it? Ooh, you're clever!). Scratchboard came about once printing methods became more advanced, and replaced wood/ metal engravings, which were types of block printing. Photographic reproduction was used for scratchboards, expending the issue of a block's shelf life after so many print runs.