Thursday, December 16, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 16th Day- Thom Glick

Honestly not my best effort- got home from derby practice at 1130am and had to wake up for work 7 hours later, but a solid 1.5 hrs on this, thus giving me a neat 5.5 hours of sleep, on par with my average for these December days.

Some parts were decently successful in emulating, while other areas, like shadows, highlights, I'd have to study a little more to nail down and gain the true wisdom of this great style. Then again, although I absolutely love his art, I'm not going to attempt to become a Thom Glick clone... but I could certainly pick up one or two elements to consider incorporating if it betters my own stuff.

His website- Great style- abstract, and quite hip. A really good illustrator, and it was always fun watching him make magic out of fat models in drawing class.