Wednesday, December 8, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 8th Day- Andy Warhol

I was going to wait until later to post this one, but I felt some who may not know the artists I've posted so far, might be hungry for a familiar style. So...

This is "Dirk Shearer imitating Andy Warhol goofin' around with Haddon Sunblom".

Here's a controversial and ironic one to mix it up. Controversial because some, maybe many, view Warhol as a weener who eventually went the easy way of collecting creatives around him to either help make his art in his desired medium- actors, musicians, gallery artists, filmmakers, etc- or to up the ante of his celebrity.

Others see a revolutionary- THE POPE OF POP ART, and all the inevitable social commentary that goes with it. I'll hold my beliefs to myself, and hopefully you can decide for yourself after reading up from all sides (if you even care at all to hold a belief), but I will say this- Oh, how rad it must've been to grow one's self-celebrity by recycling imagery of other celebrities and rehashing them out in new colors.

When he died, he left nearly his entire estate's worth to funding for future art. That's pretty damn righteous in my book.

What's ironic- 'making a celebrity out of a celebrity watcher amongst millions of celebrity watchers'-  I am an illustrator, and I'm an artist who took great artwork from a great artist (Haddon Sunblom's (who had to have been influenced by the great JC Leyendecker) Coca Cola Santa), recycled it, and rehashed it in the vein of another great artist, (Andy Warhol), who partly became famous for rehashing art (photography) of artists.. and.... and......


{...Ladies and Gentlemen- Dirk Shearer's head has unnecessarily blown up.}

Medium: Digital (I know- would've been much more bad ass to have painted this, but I'd like 8 hours of sleep tonight for a change- thanks, buh-bye.

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