Monday, December 6, 2010

31 DAYS OF SANTA: 6th DAY- John Held, Jr

I've moved half my workstation (mostly my dyes and paintbrushes, really), in front of my computer to shave off some unnecessary time for all the blog art. This... may not end well.

On a stupidly related note, my cats have discovered this, and have begun the whole 'collective species stand outside of window staring in at the protagonist of a horror film' game.

Today's Santa is inspired by the man whose art represented a decade and a personality. John Held, Jr- The Jazz Era, The Roarin' Twenties. He influenced the times and fashion about as much as the times influenced him. He was THE guy back then, and his art was all over magazines, notably Life. Many of his popular cover illustrations were of characters on a flat red background, but Santa would've gotten lost on red obviously. Thankfully, he placed elements on other flat colors, too. His flat colors were much flatter than what I did, but, well... still trying to figure that one out.

MEDIUM: dyes, ink.

Notes of interest- the Roarin' Twenties probably contrasted from the previous generation more than any other since, so today's parents should be thankful as they look forward to their kids growing into awkward adults... awkwardly. Held Jr, was raised around Mormons... and... still became the artist of jazz, fashion...some may say, sin (oooohh- MUFASA!). Held also worked in woodcuts, but didn't carry so much the same style. In the military he did some neat secret cartography too.

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