Friday, December 24, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 24th Day- Robert Crumb

Had to skip YET ANOTHER day- oh the makeup time will be fun; should hopefully get them all done by New Year's. But here's today's...

If you know of Robert Crumb's style and work, I don't need to tell you that I played it conservatively- I threw some vanilla on this piece in hopes to keep everyone at peace. If you DON'T know Crumb, the counter-culture 70's underground comix ICON to so many, I merely took one of his most famous creations, Mr. Natural- an old, 'wise' guru-type who stands on the edge of genius and hypocrisy, seemingly taking advantage of those with less wit- and threw on some jolly reds. Note to the easily offended- if you decide to look him up to see more of his stuff, the man is pretty blue and risque with his material. I've seen bluer, but Crumb helped set the mark, and he never has backed down after so many years. He's proclaimed a spot to take up, and understands if he ever goes conservative, he will undoubtedly be called a sell-out, or at the very least, washed up.

His style is something, though. There are times where I believe others can draw circles around the man. Even so, that's not what makes great art necessarily. A good style, good design, clear message- they all go into making successful illustrations.

I personally love his work, don't know if I want my little cousins seeing some of the stuff until they turn 16, but it would make for more fun conversations at the dinner table.

Medium: ink, digital color


  1. Can't decide whether R. Crumb is more influenced by Segar or Iwerks. I like this a lot.

  2. I think Segar is real big, but I've yet to see his name alongside others' when Crumb lists his influences.