Saturday, December 25, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 25th Day- Alphonse Mucha

Merry Christmas everyone! How was everybody's holiday? What did you all get?

I got boots.

Alphonse Mucha- Ever hear of Art Nouveau? Artistic movement during the late 1800s/ early 1900s that dealt with the organic, as opposed to its direct predecessor, Art Deco, which focused on geometric structure. As with Picasso and the Cubist movement, Art Nouveau is nearly synonymous with Mucha, a Czech illustrator famous for his posters and ad work.

My favorite part about Mucha's story is that he saw both sides of the art world in terms of popularity. At one time he was homeless, and he worked tirelessly as a starving artist until he was successful. Gorgeous linework (that I didn't come close to emulating), great colors, beautiful women, elegance, form. Often always a favorite amongst illustrators who take pride in their drawing abilities.


  1. ok; i admit to being art-challenged. i need some 'splaining for this looks like santa is riding on a piece of toast bread??

  2. man, I hate when I write a long paragraph, and my window refreshes itself, deleting everything. So, I'll make it short.

    Mucha was not known for designing his illustrations to be in the shape of bread toast. I simply must've had a psychological desire to draw my secret food lusts.

  3. I see more of a slice of mushroom myself. But amazingly done none the less.