Monday, December 27, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 27th Day- Aubrey Beardsley

I'm counting down :) These have been fun, but I have some freelance to get back to!!! Hopefully these last few come out as good as I'm hoping they will...

 Aubrey Beardsley, another famous Art Nouveau artist. Hung out with Aesthetic Movement contemporary Oscar Wilde and the like. British born, died at a very early age. Did a lot of erotic stuff, then towards the end of his life, converted  to Catholicism, and asked for all his naughty drawings to be destroyed. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Fantastic graphic blacks and details, and organic forms. I love great black and white art as much as I do color, and I diggeth him righteously- as should you.

PS- he would've owned those lateral lines in the robe. I however... did no owning whatsoever, unfortunately.


  1. Aubrey Beardsley! Wow, that takes me back. I remember in Jr. High, my 9th grade art teacher, Miss Nita, had this huge book of Beardsley prints.

    Suddenly, a bit of my life clicked into focus.

    I like your interpretation.

    I wonder though, if instead, Beardsley would have portrayed Santa with a huge (and I mean huge), gravity defying, beautifully proportioned phallus, accompanied by a bare breasted, somewhat severe but accommodating Mrs. Claus and some naughty elves.

    Well, maybe not.