Saturday, December 18, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 18th Day- Jae Lee

Didn't spend a ton of time on this- more of a study than most my others to this point.

Why this particular pose? I COULD use the argument that Jae Lee's characters are often times encased in silence and melodrama, which would be a fantastic excuse now that I think about it... but instead I'll be honest- it's 4:52am.

Anyone who knows my comic book work and know me as such an artist have probably heard my never-ending accolades and critiques on Jae's work. Been a fan since FANTASTIC FOUR: 1234, (colors by José Villarubia, who I believe fits Jae's art better than an any other who's come along- no disrespect to Isanove, and whose coloring style I hinted at in this piece). I feel I could write a bio (at least in pamphlet form) on Jae Lee and the evolution of his styles. This quick study, without using visual reference (believe me- I've spent so many hours doing such collectively), marries his brittle-slight-curve-to-straight-line-with-occasional-overlap era with his fluid-organic-graphic-line that followed the former, both of which directly precede his current touch of lets-feather-all-my-shadows-because-I-discovered-I'm-that-cool-with-dry-brushing, ALL OF WHICH continue to contain themselves in photorealistic forms living in a world of high design that's almost 'New Age Nouveau', if there were ever a term coined, (if not, then ®Dirk Shearer, suckas)

See that paragraph? And that was all in one breath. Jae Lee bio pamphlet, get ready to be written!

While he may lack in visual character depth due to his desire to usually keep his drawings drenched in 'Emo Shadow' (®Dirk Shearer), and his basic storytelling skills are sometimes sacrificed by the time spent on great layouts and design, that latter, along with his continued mastery of line and personal evolution of noir, have arguably won many a reader over, especially those more interested in the art than story.

I'm a big Jae Lee fan- BIG. He's the reason my comic career has gone the direction it has thus far. I've allowed other artists to influence my work as well, but not to such an extent. Good or bad, that's the truth.

May have to change the title of this blog to 31 DAYS OF OLD PAPER TEXTURE.


  1. "I'm a big Jae Lee fan- BIG. He's the reason my comic career has gone the direction it has thus far."

    Haha! And which direction EXACTLY has you comic career gone in thus far? ; )

  2. Either that, or he's getting "serviced" by an elf.

  3. hahaha I was hoping I'd receive some comments for this slightly awkward pose.