Tuesday, December 7, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 7th Day- David Wisniewski


Artist: David Wisniewski
Born: Baltimore. 
Children's book illustrator: The Golem, and oh so many other cool cut paper illustrated books.
Originally trained to be a clown. Found a better way to entertain kids than scaring the poop outta the ones who have phobias of such wretched, vile creatures of the big top. Unfortunately passed away at too early of an age of I dunno (49 yrs old), in... sometime after Jesus' death (2002). Remind me to update that. P.S.- he was Jewish.

(UPDATE: Oh crap- maybe he wasn't Jewish. I thought I had read some time ago that his decision to take on the traditional tale had something to do with his Judaic roots, but I can't find anything now, so I must recant. I won't delete it, for it's an error on my part, and I feel I should keep it out in the open, both as a reminder that what I say over the internet can be in fact influential negatively by false reporting, and because I didn't want to 'dupe' anyone into thinking I simply pretended I never wrote it. My bad. Nothing wrong with Jewish people, mind you. Just something wrong with my memory)

Hey, it's 1:24am! I'm going the **** to bed.


  1. My sleep deprivation is for your entertainment, Mya ;)But seriously- thanks!