Sunday, October 31, 2010

My friends over at EPISODES FROM THE ZERO HOUR asked me to provide a quick illustration for Jay's award-winning short story "The Robbers". I'll also be providing artwork, both cover and interiors for their upcoming Volume 4. Fun project!

Check out Jay's short and my final illo HERE

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Comic Con...

...WAS THE BLITZ! Sorry. That doesn't make sense, but I typically use one of 2 other rhyming words in lieu of BLITZ.
Honestly though, it kicked nards. I sold original scratchboards, prints, Mice Templar books, worked on scratchboard and pen & ink commissions. Now I typically do this, but the difference here is that I made like 33% more at this con than I have at any other con. WOW!!!! Granted, the table cost 200% more than any other one I paid for, but uh... HEY, STOP MAKING ME STEAL MY THUNDERS!

To add to the fun, I had two of my good pals join me in the madness- writer/ fellow artist Frank Cvetkovic (, and comic nut/ doodler Seth, aka Sid, (!/ScarlettSpider). These chaps were great tag-alongs, helped me all weekend, and put up, without complaint, my excited obnoxiety (NEW WORD). We shared laughter in new cartoons, trolling around NYC, and grossing each other out... ok, that was MY personal duty.
I feel this whole year of convention going, whether it were at a table purchased, or merely attending, really culminated to this show. Particularly, I'm glad I got to go to San Diego with a Professional Badge, as it was pretty much great prep for the busy-ness that would be NYCC. The only regrets were that I didn't have a chance to meet many fellow creators, which could have been solved by hitting up one of the after-parties, but I had to get those commissions done. (SIDENOTE- I unfortunately am pretty absent-minded when it comes to taking pictures of commissions, but know this- I made a bangin' pen & ink commission (in the sense that I was a bit unsure how it'd turn out but was pleasantly surprised) of Swamp Thing, and a few scratchboards of Zatanna, The Human Torch, and Batman... crossed fingers that one or two of the customers post pics for me to 'borrow'.

(UPDATE: Oh look! One of them did just that!)
Up next- York Book And Paper Fair, a local, one-day show that specializes in print collectibles. My second year doing this show... maybe I can find a book or two illustrated by one of the Golden Greats, (last year I bought a 1919 3rd Edition of THE ARABIAN NIGHTS, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish). After that I just have the Mid Ohio Con left for the year, which means another return to Columbus, my home for 4 years during college.