Saturday, December 11, 2010

31 Days Of Santa: 11th Day- Lotte Reiniger

This one's in the style of German filmmaker Lotte Reiniger, who created probably the first feature length animated film, THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED. She was influenced by Chinese silhouette puppetry early on, and made quite a few films in this tedious style of cut paperboard and tinted glass. She and her crew developed some neat camera tricks throughout her career, and traveled around Europe on visas and eventually London so they could avoid Nazi control.

I own THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED, and I will confess quickly that it's not for every DVD library. Chances are, a child would be bored in 5 minutes and look for the nearest sharp object to play with for emotional stimulation. However if you dig the history of cinema or German Expressionism, it's at least a must-see.

Some very nice Art Nouveau designs in her work. She definitely had some talent with the scissors.

Medium: digital


  1. while I hate digital, this is cool looking and I see the influence of the cut paper style! You shoulda done it in cut paper! LOL

  2. You should've given me an extra 4 hours in the day ;)

  3. LOL, well you did take on an ambitious task, doing all these Santas! So I guess you get a pass on this one! But with your scratch board skill etc. I would LOVE to see you do some cut paper stuff!