Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Convention Season Is Forever, forever, (forever)

Im in the middle of some fun times, as always when I give my mind something to latch on. Problem is, my sometimes lack of discipline means I often neglect important things to hunker down on.

Take for example- preparing for conventions.

My convention season is solely the fall this year- Pittsburgh is September 11-13, Baltimore is October 10-11. I look forward to these very, very, very, very, very much. Each year, I become a more professional voice and visual presence- from my first time, where I pretty much played 'special guest artist' and assistant set-up kid who signed books as they were sold, progressing to this year, my 4th, and 1st with my own table at both cons.

It's not a stretch to say I have a lust for custom building, and there's a reason. Such a great feeling when you can build something to your own liking out of whatever material you can find or deem essential, hopefully doing it for less or at least making it fit your exact needs... and hell. sometimes, what you make actually works!

I'm using this DIY ethic to make myself some modular display racks which I can change the size of depending on the table space I've allotted for it/ them. This takes time, from brainstorming, sketches, and thinking of the proper material, to goin out and buying all the supplies, to cutting, grinding, painting, and playing the fiddle to celebrate. All this time means dedication yes, but I lose the desire to actually do art when I go headfirst into projects like that.

In other words... Busy. But Lazy.

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