Saturday, September 26, 2009

Between Conventions...

One of the couple sketches I did at Pittsburgh Comicon...

... it's Batman.

Pittsburgh went well, not the sales I hoped for, but not too disappointing either. At this moment, I expect each con, each year to get better. All attention is on Baltimore. I need to work on my con sketching. One, bettering them, and two, getting more requests. Should do some pinups before next year's cons and put them in a port. My anatomy knowledge is fading a little, and we know what that means.

Sold an oldie to a con-goer. Gentleman emailed and asked to purchase my Vlad Putin piece, which I did back in college. Def feels good to get rid of old stuff. At least I still had it. For all I knew I might've used it as a doormat when funds were low. But its good. Ans I framed it. And I matted it.. cutting a mat took about 6 tries.

Alright. This blog screams of stream of consciousness. I must a read a comic, and nap, and get back to work on the webcomic. ROCK!