Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saloon Shelf

 This was done for a client, but the client opted not to use it. Unfortunate? sure, but hey, i get to show you, and 'twas a fun project to work on. I both love and loathe the research part of starting a project, but loathe only because I tend to spend a good deal of time making sure I get enough reference to be overly satisfied of my own knowledge. The client wanted a shelf image that had a rustic/ country deco feel, something that would go well with other old, antique- style deco designs, so I made sure to keep some of it fairly loose, such as the textures and color modeling..   

1. Lé Thumbails

2. Basic Silhouette/ Background Color

3. Blocking in the shelves
3. OK, you see what I'm doing here, right? No need for a caption.
4. ... but, there I go again, adding useless text.
5. Colors.
6. Ooo, Shiiiny!
7. (cough!) Dust.

8. Shadows and Highlights
9. Touch-ups/ Minor Details.


  1. What was this done in? If you now need to sell this because it was not bought by the person who commissioned it...maybe adding some interesting labels to the bottles and some decoration on the shelf would help! Just a thought!

  2. Created in Photoshop, Tristan. In the past, I'd work on textured, digital paint-type illustrations in Corel Painter, but the lag time in saving on that program, mixed with my increased comfort in Photoshop has me leaning heavily toward the Adobe software. The company still owns the piece, but for portfolio's sake, I had thought of adding a little more detail. Thanks for the suggestion, Tristan!

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