Monday, September 6, 2010

May the train chug along...

Been busy with cons and two jobs this year, and not dedicated enough to keeping the blog up. I'm trying, though.

Here's a commission of Abe Sapien I did for a young dude who met me at the Baltimore Comic Con. I couldn't get to it at the con, but conveniently, he lives nearby, so I got to do it this weekend. I'd like to begin focusing on a standard style for my commissions, so that it's easier for me to do these things. I look at folks like Chris Samnee and Mike Henderson and have much love and respect for how prolific they be with their work, which only cements and improves their style.


  1. Nice! So how did you do at Baltimore Comic Con?

  2. Not bad as per usual. I dig that Con a lot, but I always feel cramped for time. And I should definitely get an assistant for that place from now on. I rarely get a chance to walk away and network.